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Toxicology Support and AnalysisNiznik Lab Corp provides optimal toxicology support and analysis. Specimen and blood collection can be a time consuming task, and when done by hastily inexperienced hands, one that ends in mislabeling disasters. Our toxicologists and phlebotomists artfully purloin the responsibility of specimen collection for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and medical detoxification centers, along with storied physician practices and start-up doctoral offices.

Niznik Lab Corp is a nationally acclaimed toxicology analysis lab that takes the busy work out of medical practices, enabling you to spend more time identifying your clients’ individualized needs. Our technicians extract client specimens on site to ensure the viability of the sample and to lessen your burden. Additionally, specimens can be mailed to our facility for expedited processing.

Specimens collected by technicians are deemed unusable when they are missing patient information, or are incorrectly labeled. Niznik Lab Corp's unique methodology ensures that your patient’s specimens are optimally handled for expedited testing.

For more information regarding our extensive blood and urinal toxicological services contact us directly.