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Doctor Groups

Toxicology & Blood Testing Services for Doctor GroupsNiznik Lab Corp is dedicated to providing the highest quality in toxicology analysis. Our top-tier toxicologists are poised to garner the perfect analysis results every time, to ensure that your patients are aptly cared for immediately. We understand the necessity of providing quality, expedited work so that you can spend less time worrying about receiving accurate lab results, and more time administering individualized care for your patients’ exclusive needs.

Niznik Lab Corp offers practicing doctors and physicians with the means to acquire premium blood and urine toxicology screening. Our facility caters to practices established by testament of years, and companies that are in their infancy.

You never have to wonder what stage of analysis your client’s specimens are in, because Niznik Lab Corp offers you the luxury of tracking the progress of lab analysis from the comfort of your computer. Niznik Lab Corp offers doctors the security of knowing how to best treat clients, and that makes us feel good. Our goal is to provide accurate, precise, and professional nationwide laboratory services for your company's needs.