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Detox and Treatment Centers

detox and treatment centers

Drug addiction is a biological and psychological disease mired in continual fluctuating elements, which can make treatment exceptionally difficult. Niznik Lab Corp is the instrumental solution offering rehabilitation centers and medical detoxification facilities with powerfully simple toxicology testing.

Drug and alcohol treatment may become compromised with the presence of multiple substances, inaccurate prescriptions, and
medications that have not been taken. Providing the premium in toxicology analysis, and coupled with the personable grace of a local lab, our technicians are expertly trained in the art of detecting xenobiotics and analyzing toxicodynamics. Immunoassay analysis is the bread and butter of our laboratory.

Physicians and rehabilitation specialists rest assured when their specimens are submitted to Niznik Lab Corp, because they know that our analyses are comprehensive, accurate, and cost efficient for corporations both expansive and locally based. Niznik Lab Corp helps drug and alcohol rehab specialists determine the correct methodology of treatment specific to their client’s individualized needs.

Comprehensive drug monitoring systems can help stave off relapses and detect any missteps in treatment. Conversely, Niznik Lab Corp detects if patients are neglecting to take their medications, or if they are diluting substances with additional compounds.

detox and treatment centers

Speedy, detailed, and refined toxicological solutions are at your fingertips with Niznik Lab Corp. Call today to inquire about our specialized services nationwide.

  • Expedited toxicological blood and urine analysis
  • Cost friendly toxicology reports
  • Comprehensive testing for a myriad of drugs
  • Expert toxicologists available for immaculate testing around the clock
  • Track your test’s progress with our integrated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) monitoring