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Blood Testing


20506175_lClinical blood testing measures for the presence of illicit substances and alcohol in the blood. Blood tests are typically administered on a routine basis to monitor the progression of rehabilitation and medical detox treatment. Niznik Lab Corp's skilled team of phlebotomists collect blood samples efficiently and painlessly. Doctors and physicians may request a myriad of blood tests to measure diverse variants of chemical compounds.

Blood testing can be costly, however NLC's cost efficient model of specimen extraction and analysis allows us to give you the best available resources at a fraction of the industry price. We believe that quality service should be available for all, despite the profitability or established venerability of your medical practice.

Blood tests are administered by our team of efficient and knowledgeable medical professionals, with patient comfort and test accuracy as the top priority. Blood analysis actively tests for the levels of drugs and alcohol present in the biotic system. Most drugs, including PCP, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates are detectable for up to 24 hours after use.

Once the blood sample is collected your specimen will be submitted for lab analysis. In light of the fact that some addictive substances can only be detected a few hours after exposure, Niznik Lab Corp understands the necessity of executing analysis fast. You can track the progress of blood samples with our integrated SSL portal.