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Niznik Lab Corp satisfies the 18736375_ldistinctive necessity of providing expedited and quality toxicology laboratory analysis for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and medical detoxification facilities. Our methodology stems from the innate desire to establish a personable relationship with rehabilitation and detox centers around the nation. Our toxicological blood and urine analysis services extend to physician practices, and also reach beyond the confines of the laboratory.

Niznik Lab Corp makes it easy to attain artfully skilled toxicology technicians fully equipped to take valid patient samples on your premises, so that you don’t have to. Our services encompass comprehensive tests for drugs and alcohol by means of blood and urine analysis.

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  • Expedited toxicology blood and urine analysis
  • Cost friendly toxicology reports
  • Comprehensive testing for a myriad of drugs
  • Expert toxicologists available for immaculate testing around the clock
  • Track your testing’s progress with our integrated SSL monitoring