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DNA Testing

DNA testing

Pharmacogenetics DNA testing is a wonderful tool which helps clients understand the genetic causes of addiction. Pharmacogenetics is the study of how one’s genes actively respond to drugs, both prescription and illicit. The number of deaths and injuries related to addictive substances at present exceeds 770,000 each year.

The test pinpoints the biological components of substance use disorders, and illuminates which medications to avoid in the future in the event of injury or developing medical conditions. These abnormalities are called Polymorphisms- the mutations responsible for atypical absorption (whether elevated or diminished).

Genetic testing allows clients and physicians to identify which medications clients have developed a natural immunity to. Conversely, testing reveals which medications clients are adversely susceptible to. Completed tests outline which substances should be used with caution and those to be avoided entirely.


DNA testing


  • Prevents unexpected overdoses
  • Shows which medications to stay away from
  • Shows which medications will not have an effect on clients
  • Gives doctors detailed information on how to tailor treatment plans individually
  • Warns which medications precipitate substance use disorders individually
  • Gives family members who are tested the ability to predict the development of substance use disorders and to take action early
  • Eliminates the trial and error process of finding the right medications
  • Genetics testing helps your Utilization Review team get more criteria, ultimately gaining you more approved days from insurance companies


DNA testing


  1. Receive Buccal Swab Kit
  2. Swab Both Cheeks
  3. Place Specimens in Provided Tubes
  4. Send Off to Laboratory

Results take an average of 3 business days for completion, but turn around time may vary.