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Impersonating Phlebotomist Arrested for Faking Medical License

1/26/15-- In the sundrenched Palm Beach County of Fla. a phony phlebotomist, impersonating a sports treatment medical professional was arrested on Jan. 22nd. The charges? Practicing without a valid medical license. According to the Sun Sentinel, Jon Rubinstein (46) avoided a five year prison sentence by pleading guilty, and received a lessened sentence of one year, and two years probation, with the possibility of house arrest. Rubinstein is also responsible for $1000 worth of fines, and will complete 50 hours of community service for his ignoble medical fraud.

Rubinstein claimed that he helped hundreds overcome the pangs of arthritis by administering platelet-rich plasma therapy. I wonder what was in those injections, and more importantly, where did he get his pseudo plasma? The Department of Health complained about Rubinstein’s practice, and thus, an investigation into his phoney medical charade commenced. According to state records, Rubinstein was a registered agent for the Center for Natural healing and Regenerative Medicine, which he claimed to work for as a medical practitioner. Rubinstein employed all the bells and whistles of social media venues, and advertised stem cell treatments for $300 per injection, and $750 for the “full shot treatment.”

An undercover agent approached Rubinstein with the feigned intent of receiving treatment, and arrested Rubinstein while he was wearing blue scrubs and touting medical supplies.It was confirmed that Rubinstein possessed no authenticiated medical lisecnes, however, Rubinstein  claims to have a “PhD” and an expired phlebotomy license.

Rubinstein’s public defender declined to comment in regards to this case.  

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